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Good logo design

An effective logo embodies what your business is about and more critically gives it the credibility needed to attract customers.

It is a symbol that reflects and identifies your company or business and gives it that professionalism needed to survive in the tough world of business.

It is a way of branding your business so it can be easily identified, and more importantly remembered.

Without a logo or brand identity it is very difficult for a customer to distinguish one product from another.


Good logo design inspires confidence and trustworthiness which is why it is a good idea to seek a professional designer to help you develop your logo.

You may have an idea for a brand identity but often if you are not trained in design it is very difficult to make this work.


So find a designer who is good at listening to what you want and happy to work with you to get the best logo for your business.

If you have an existing business, it is a good idea to freshen up your logo every few years.

This gives your business a new look and is also a good marketing tool.


So what is a good logo?

Think of the ones that stick in your mind. What is it about them that stands out?

Think about the Qantas logo for example.

When developing a logo for an airline company you could be tempted to use an aeroplane symbol.

But that could be too cliched.

Instead the designer/s came up with a stylised symbol of a kangaroo.

How clever. It is simple, not cluttered and easily identifies the company and what it does.


This is what a good designer thinks about when developing a logo. But it is a process that can take time.

That is why a designer you can talk to and trust is so important in helping you to achieve this goal for your company.


Just like any trade, you would not try to do a plumbing job so why would you try to be a graphic designer. It takes years of experience.

So put your trust in a good designer to help you achieve a professional looking logo and you will not be disappointed.


A logo should be the basis for all your business marketing and a good logo will pay for itself in no time.